God Has a Plan for Your Life

My grandson Gavin Wyler, age 2

Life is like a bicycle wheel, with a center and then many spokes around it.  God is the center of my life.  The spokes around my center are the various callings or missions I have in life: daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, neighbor, employee.  The list can go on and on.

I believe that God has an individual plan for all of our lives.  Your plan is different than mine. God created you as His child with various unique talents and abilities.  You are one of a kind and on this earth to do good, to learn and to grow, and to return to His presence some day.

Our life has seasons.  Sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down, just like a bicycle wheel.  When we are down come the greatest lessons of life. Several years ago I developed a terrible neck and back pain.  Since I cannot cope with serious pain meds, I first explored natural remedies and holistic doctors to fix me.  None of that worked.  I finally went to the doctor and he gave me a series of shots, steroids, that he thought would help.  I did not improve.  I decided that I would continue on with my life and even took a trip to St. Louis to give a talk.  I walked around there in serious pain and prayed,” Lord, please heal me.  I don’t know what else to do.”  I arrived home late one evening and fell into bed.  When I awoke, I could hear the birds singing in the trees outsode my window.  I realized that I was out of pain.  Into my mind came the thought,”You have endured and passed this test and the Lord has healed you.”  It was a test of pain that lasted 365 days, one year exactly.

I believe that God wants to use us for a cause far greater than our own ability.  He likes us to stretch beyond what seems possible for us to accomplish.  If we follow His light and do what he impresses us to do, He will provide other people and circumstances to help us.  If we stand stagnant and don’t even try, He cannot help us as much.

My personal mission statement is,”With God, all things are possible.” My own life has manifested this reality.  In times of long and difficult trials, I have been encouraged to have patience.  I have learned that with hope and faith, many issues eventually are resolved.  After time and healing, I have found humor in past situations I had cried and worried over when I was going through them.

I have also learned that we are not the sole factor in the resolution of our life’s problems.  There is the unseen world, working behind the scenes to help us also. 

I don’t know exactly how it all works, I just know it does!  Someone once said, “We are like the players on the soccer field of life.  On the sidelines cheering us on are the angels, our ancestors, our unborn children and grandchildren”.

My mother would often encourage me, especially when I was a teenager.  What a hard period of life those teen years were for me!  I was 5 foot 10 inches tall when I was 12 or 13. I was very skinny and often had serious acne.  What a trial!  I wondered if life would ever become better for me or even if I had a future!

Mother would ask me if she could pray for me.  She would hold my hand and say a simple prayer, asking the Lord for all that I needed.  Then she would say,”Now Sarah,God has heard our prayer.  He is in His heaven working everything out for you.  It may take time, but that is okay.  Good things always take time. You go to sleep tonight with peace and hope, knowing that He is putting into place the answers to your prayers.”

Her prayers and confidence in God always comforted me.  I had faith in my mothers faith. I believe there is great power in a mother’s prayer for her child.

 Although my mom and dad have both passed away, I still live my life hearing her sweet voice sharing those encouraging words.

 Thank you mom and dad for giving me everything in life I needed, faith in God, hope, and prayer.

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