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Will, Savannah, and Lila Hinze visit us from Dallas

A recent article linked below concerning a European Court that found life to begin at conception was most amazing to me. I have been involved in national and international meetings concerning pro-life and pro-abortion issues for almost twenty years and the courts are usually not protective of the unborn child. This may be a turning point! Please take time to read it. (The link and some highlights are at the end of this post.)

But first I want to share an experience I had when I spoke to Arizona Legislators in a meeting of the AZ Breakfast Club:

Lobbying for Those Not Yet Born:

Sometimes special opportunities arise to speak to various audiences about prebirth experiences. In the spring of 1997 an opportunity became available for me to speak and defend the rights of the unborn. I was invited to speak at a breakfast of legislators, business, and professional leaders from the greater Phoenix area. Motivated by my love for children, including the unborn, I prepared my speech diligently and prayerfully to fit the half-hour I was promised. There was a sense of urgency in the air.

Partial-birth abortion laws were under debate in the Arizona legislature. The people at this lecture could influence the final vote. The morning of the breakfast, the speaker scheduled for the first half-hour went on and on, taking most of my time. When I was finally introduced, only seven minutes remained before the meeting’s end. My fully prepared speech was out of the question. On the short walk to the podium, I silently prayed for guidance on what to say that would make a difference in so short a span.

Looking out over the audience, I set my notes aside and determined to speak from my heart. First, I quickly explained our research on the unborn, sharing briefly some of the stories I have collected, demonstrating that each soul lives before earth life and has a time, place, and purpose to be born.

Next, I spoke of the Oscar-winning film, Schindler’s List. Schindler knew about Hitler’s insidious plan to destroy the Jews. While most of his fellow countrymen were either ignoring or contributing to the holocaust, Schindler risked his life to protect the rights and lives of Jews. He could not save them all, but he resolved to rescue as many as he could. This courageous man wept over lives he was unable to save. But the fact is Schindler’s noble efforts saved many thousands of innocent people.

I continued: Today there is another group of innocents being systematically destroyed—the unborn. “Those of you who protect the lives of the unborn against abortion, you are “Schindlers.” Each soul you save makes a difference.”

I concluded with this account from our files:

A young boy drowned and later revived. After he had recovered, he described to his mother the brother he had met during his near death experience. Puzzled, the mother reminded her son, “Honey, you know you don’t have a brother.”

“Yes I do, Mommy. He was pulled from your tummy when you were only fourteen.”

The mother was stunned. It was true. She had become pregnant at fourteen and secretly had the child aborted. She never told a living soul —not her husband, not even her parents.

My time was up. A gentle silence hung over the room. Eyes were moist. That group of people had truly “heard.” They knew in their hearts that the unborn in heaven are our friends, our brothers and sisters entitled to their birthright on earth, the same as we who have already come.

A few days after my talk, the Arizona State Legislature voted to ban partial birth abortion. The friend who had invited me to speak called and explained that a week earlier there were not enough votes to do this. Of those who voted to protect the innocent, many had heard, or heard about, a seven-minute miracle one morning that changed hearts toward unborn children.

One soul can make a difference.

Abortion in China

Please check out this link to an amazing website about China and the strange forces that fight against unborn children in that country. I think that you will be amazed after viewing this 4-5 minute video. The world must know!

Now the article:

European court recognizes human life from the moment of conception

By Susan Roylance, For the Deseret News

Some highlights:

“When does human life begin?” That question was answered in a European court of justice this week (Oct. 19). The judgement (Brustle vs. Greenpeace) recognizes the beginning of human life at “all stages of the development of human life, beginning with the fertilization of the ovum.”…

The decision was declared “A tremendous pro-life victory” in an article by J.C. von Krempach, J.D., which is an online legal analysis in “Turtle Bay and Beyond.” However, the article also states that “Oliver Brustle, the stem cell researcher of Bonn University whose patent claim had been at the origin of the legal dispute, lamented that ‘with this judgment, embryonic stem cell research is out of business’ and warned that cutting-edge biotechnical research would from now on take place elsewhere, but not anymore in Europe.”

The judgement declares that it is “binding the European Union and/or the member states.” Essentially, within the European Union, an invention is excluded from being patented when the process requires either the prior destruction of human embryos or their use as a base material. (See analysis by Gregor Puppinck, Ph.D.)

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