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1.  All That Transpires Is Under Higher Authority

            Ned: “I Lost My Unborn Children”

Ned Dougherty is a friend of ours, an east coast college-educated real estate broker and businessman. In 1997, I invited Ned to meet me in Washington D.C. to address a caucus of Congressional representatives during the “1997 Partial Birth Abortion Hearings”. Below is a summary of the testimony he gave:

I was neither agnostic nor atheistic—I was too busy being a hedonistic and materialistic night club owner to be bothered with such things. That all changed on a hot July 2nd in 1984. In a moment of rage, I attacked and tried to strangle a business associate. Then all of a sudden, I was the one who could not breathe! I felt my lungs collapse, my heart stop beating, and fell into a state of unconsciousness. The next thing I knew I was in an ambulance hearing a paramedic say, “I have no vitals, we are losing him!”

…I floated out of my body and out of [the] ambulance. I hovered over a roadway watching as the ambulance disappeared into the distance. As I floated in the darkness, I looked up into the star-filled sky and I thought, “I’m going home!” At that moment—free of my human bondage—I remembered! I had been in this world of spirit before…before I was born.

Suddenly I found myself floating…into a tunnel of light. When I reached the end of that tunnel, I found myself enveloped in an intense and loving light…and I stand before you today to tell you that I believe I found myself in the presence of God. During this experience, I watched a kaleidoscopic review of my life. I saw glimpses of the future of my life…I could not possibly tell you everything that I experienced that night in today’s brief forum…Today I want to paraphrase the portion of my manuscript that is pertinent to the controversy before us.

I found myself in the presence of a beautiful, radiant and angelic being. She became known to me as the “Lady of Light.” At one point during my experience, the Lady of Light showed me a small group of toddler-aged children who were playing in a heavenly garden. At first I focused my attention on two of the children, who were to the right of the group. They drew my attention because they had turned and were directing their attention toward me. Although I perceived that one was a boy and the other a girl, I was more observant of their identical appearances. Later on, I would understand that they were twins.

There were several more toddlers playing in the group. As I focused my attention on each of them, they looked directly and longingly toward me, as if they were seeking some acknowledgment or understanding from me. I perceived that I should have known these children. I conveyed to the Lady of Light that I needed to understand the scene before me and that I was confused by it. The Lady of Light responded by introducing me into another scene.

I became fully involved as a personage in this scene, emotionally filled with tremendous love, joy and pride. I was standing with a group of people who I did not immediately recognize, except for a handsome young man dressed in a cap and gown. The scene was on an academic campus and it was a bright, sunny and glorious day. I was filled with love, joy and pride for the young man, who was celebrating his graduation.

I was quickly back in the heavenly garden and filled with questions. I conveyed to the Lady of Light that I wanted to know the meaning of these visions. I did not have any children, nor did I plan on having children. I thought of children as an inconvenience and a nuisance. They had no place in my life as far as I was concerned.

I was perplexed by my reaction to the scene of the young man at his graduation. During that moment, I experienced emotions that I had never known before, emotions that only a father could know!

But I was not a father, or so I thought. As far as I was concerned I did not have any children. The prospect of such a long-term commitment was actually frightening to me! As I conveyed those thoughts and emotions, the group of children slowly vanished, disappearing before my eyes. I immediately felt an excruciating loss—a terrible, heart-wrenching and aching pain. I was feeling the pain of the loss of these children.

I then realized who these children were. During my earthly life, the opportunities to have children were presented to me on several occasions. Since I did not view children as being part of my life, and because I perceived that these children would be inconveniences in my life, I chose not to have them. I chose to be part of a decision to [abort them and] not bring these children into the world.

Clearly, I could now see that these children were not “choices.” I realized that they were the spirits or souls that were intended to be my children during my earth life. They were the opportunities that I had decided were “inconveniences.”

I pondered the scene I had just witnessed for what seemed like a long period of time. Then a small boy appeared in the garden from the direction of the Lady of Light. The boy was very strong and full of life. He had blond hair that was almost golden and the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen. I perceived that the child was being shown to me in a protective environment, because I would also be given the opportunity in the future to protect a little boy. I perceived that this boy was to be that opportunity!

I turned to the Lady of Light and conveyed to her that I wanted to know who this boy was, and the significance of the scene before me. I didn’t have children, I didn’t anticipate having children. Was this little boy to be my son?

The Lady of Light responded, “Truly, he is a son of God!”

I found myself being sent back to my body. I didn’t want to be back here, but God didn’t want me up there either—and it was clearly His decision not mine!

As I came back from death, I was told that I was coming back with a mission in life. I didn’t know what that mission was at first, but I now find that each and every day it is being defined for me a little more clearly. I know that I have a destiny!

On April 7, 1991, I became a daddy. My son’s name is Michael Christopher. He is named after his grandpa and also after the Archangel Michael. He is the luckiest little boy in the world, because I am a great daddy.

I was present in the delivery room when Michael came into this world. What an experience it was! What a miracle! The miracle of life! As I watched Michael being born and his strong little body struggle to stay alive as his soul breathed its first breath, I felt a radiance of energy, a life force of energy, fill the delivery room. I felt a rush of wind roll by my ears carrying a message. It was a message I remembered I heard from the Lady of Light so many years before,

“Truly, he is a son of God!






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