Twelve Truths About Humans, God, and Life


In our new book, Waiting in the Wings:  Heaven is our Real Home, we discuss  in depth these twelve truths.   These lessons are gleaned from an analysis of hundreds of spiritual experiences included in this and our other books. 


These are not new principles but ones that have come to us down through the ages in scripture, literature, and people sharing with others what they have learned about life. 

1-All that transpires is under Higher Authority.


2-We were spiritual being before we acquired physical bodies.


3-We live before earth life and continue to live after death.


4-Before birth we make choices, form relationships, enter agreements.


5-We have a designated time, place and purpose for coming to earth.


6-We are brothers and sisters in an eternal family—bonds we form before

birth can continue on earth and after death.


7-Earth is a school—a place of learning, testing and growing.


8-Heaven is our real home.


9-Killing the body violates eternal law, but does not kill the soul.


10-We are accountable to eternal laws for our choices and will be judged

in a life review.


11-There are no secrets…in heaven all is known.


12-Grace and mercy may provide rewarding surprises along the way.



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  1. Jen Kindrick on February 24, 2012 at 11:11 am

    This is a great post! I’m working on “We Lived in Heaven” right now in prep for a review next week in the blog tour. Loving it so far!

    I appreciate this list! Thanks for sharing.

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