New story from Idaho


A few days ago I  received a phone call from a gentleman by the name of  Joseph Grammer who shared a story with me concerning one of his granddaughters, Katie and her future baby brother, Wilson.

Every once and awhile my son and his wife would find little Katie (their first child) playing in her bedroom in the middle of the night.  Upon asking her why she was not in bed asleep, Katie said that she was playing with her brother, Will.

Being a little confused, my son asked Katie what she was talking about.  She said that Jesus must live in the wall because Will said that he is with Jesus, and Will comes through the wall at night to play with her.  This is an incident that occurred more than once with Katie, my son indicated.

On one of those nights, Katie said that Will told her  to tell her father and mother to hurry up because he was ready to come and play with her.  It was shortly after this that Katie’s mother became pregnant with a son who was to be named Wilson.

Roy talks about our preparation to come to earth in his book ,The Soul’s Remembrance, p. 142, as he tells of standing in the presence of the Father and receiving his life’s mission.  Of this he writes, “of all my heavenly memories, receiving my mission from God is the one I cherish most. . .  Each of us has reviewed our future earthly life with the One who planned it, and all of us have received an important mission that was given with love from God, Himself.”

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