A Wonderful Trip to Utah

Brent and I spend 12 days in Utah after Thanksgiving.  We met up with so many good friends, including Maurie and Jerry Pyle, great friends from Virginia, who now live in American Fork, Utah.  We spoke at 7 events, including a seventh grade class, a women’s luncheon, and a book club. We shared our new book, The Memory Catcher When Angels Speak, Who Will Listen?  We are happy to report that our publisher is ready for our second printing soon.
I am going back to Salt Lake City January 21 to speak at some other events, as well as a radio show (more about that later) one event in Fruit Heights the afternoon of January 22, (e-mail me for location).  I am also speaking at 7PM in Salt Lake City on the evening of January 25.  This is the Utah International Association of Near Death Studies Association, a wonderful group.  This is my 4th time speaking there in 20 years.  Here is the information about it.  The meeting is at:
Mayor Counsel Auditorium,
Salt Lake County Complex,
2001 South State Street,
Salt Lake City, Utah.
This is a free meeting and you will love this group, I promise.  This group is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds, professions, and religious beliefs who have had a near death experience or similar experience.  These people have taught me so much about how to live a more meaningful life because they have died momentarily, been on the other side, and they know what is important about life.  Loving and serving others is what is most important and that life style will bring us happiness and meaning to our life.  I hope to see you there and bring your friends.  It may be cold outside but inside, we will be warm and cozy!

Sarah Hinze to speak at January 25th IANDS meeting

We are pleased to announce our speaker for our next January 25th IANDS meeting will be Sarah Hinze, one of our perennial favorites. Her topic will be ” Meeting Future Children in a Near Death or Prebirth Experience”. For over 20 years Sarah and her husband have pioneered a ground breaking new area of research, the Prebirth Experience (PBE). A PBE is a spiritual experience and form of vision that involves contact with one or more unborn souls. Our January meeting will focus on PBEs that occur during a near-death experience. The authors have collected hundreds of these accounts. This presentation will include inspiring case studies of PBEs as related to NDEs and how lives can be changed through direct PBE/NDE experiences and/or vicarious experiences. For more information check out her web site https://www.sarahhinze.com.

If you have not had a chance to read The Memory Catcher yet, please pick up a copy when you can.  It is on Amazon. at Deseret Book Stores throughout the country and on-line. It will be at other bookstores soon. Also check the home page of this site and you can order directly from me and have your book autographed.  I will also have books for sale at the meetings where I speak, as well as a new CD, just available.
Love to you,

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