Nan : Mommy, Another Little Girl is to Join Our Family

When Nan and Dan Barker of Arizona were unable to have biological sons and daughters, they felt blessed to adopt four children. And they felt their family was complete.

Then one day their three year old son said, “Mommy, there’s another little girl who is supposed to come to our family.”

The mother said, in effect, “We’re already so blessed to have all of you.”

The boy continued, “She has dark hair and dark eyes. And she lives a long way from here.”

The mother asked, “How do you know this?”

To which the boy replied, “Jesus told me, upstairs.”

To which the mother replied, “We don’t have any upstairs.”

The parents, being taught by the child, got in touch with an international adoption agency. Today Nan and Dan Barker have added a fifth child to their family…a little girl with dark hair and dark eyes from Kazakhstan of the former Soviet Union.

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