15th Anniversary Edition of The Castaways

sarahbrentchristmasSoon we will be announcing the availability of a significant and important new book, a 15th Anniversary Edition of The Castaways: Real-life Accounts of Aborted Souls, updated in collaboration with attorney E. Douglas Clark, Director of UN Affairs for the World Congress of Families sponsored by the Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society and author of the World Family Declaration.

When we did this book in 2000, we only had a handful of stories. Now we have as of this writing, 60 abortion-related pre-birth experiences, around 40 of which we have included in this edition. Also, in the last 15 years there has been volumes of new research about the preborn’s awareness of his or her environment. We decided to include some of this research in the appendix. Preborns are acutely aware of the emotions their mothers experience. They are susceptible to pain and respond to stimulus at a much earlier age than anyone believed possible. This research gives total validity to the witness of pre-birth experiences.

Since 2001, Doug has provided legal counsel on issues relating to family, marriage, and children in United Nations commissions and conferences in New York, Geneva, Johannesburg, and elsewhere. He has also done extensive research and writing on the Patriarch Abraham and has retraced his route through the Middle East. We are most grateful to have the gracious friendship and collaboration of Dr. Clark and his wife Mila on our new publication. Doug and Mila are the parents of three children.

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