New York City with Anna and Big Ocean Women

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New York City, Anna Adele, my 9th child, and Big Ocean Women!  Who can beat that!
Anna and I flew from Phoenix together on March12, 2016 to New York City.  We had three days of sightseeing before our meetings with Big Ocean and The United Nations began.  Our first stop was The Tenement Museum in the lower east side of NYC.  This is a walking hands on museum.  Our tickets were for two different tours.  One was The Walking Food Tour.  Anything with food in the title always captures my imagination.
For two hours we walked as our tour guide stopped at some of the oldest diners, bagel shops, Chinese noodle parlors, pickle shops, and candy stores–established by immigrants who hit the shores of NYC over 100 years ago.
Next we toured an apartment, 350 square feet, built in early 1900’s where often more than one family lived.  This apt. was restored as it was in the 1920’s of an Irish family.  How they did it, I don’t know, but their daily life was fulfilled in most part within those walls.
We loved Central Park and spent many hours there.
We met many wonderful women from around the world.  Anna and I have decided the world is a lot smaller now, and many women suffer so much.  We are excited to take part in various charities who were with our organization, Big Ocean Women (see previous post).  Our church is preparing kits this summer for Days for Girls Organization and we will be helping all we can.
Anna and I gave away 150 books, The Castaways! The Castaways is currently available in paperback on Amazon and is also available on Kindle.  In a few weeks we will have this book in Audio–excited for sure!
Life is sacred.
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Here we are –our first day at the United Nations.  I was asked to participate in a parallel event with Big Ocean Women, ( at the UN Commission on the Status of Women.
Big Ocean is an inter-faith and international network of women who stand for faith, family, and motherhood.  We gather in local cottage meetings to learn about our own maternal and feminine gifts and to become informed of the world situation.  We dialog with one another and become more articulate.  We find ways to reach out and influence others.  We offer service.
Please join us at and receive our newsletter.  The website is inspiring in itself!
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