Our Daughter Anna Adele on a Service Mission to Ecuador

I’m very proud of my children and their service ethic!

Sarah and Anna Hinze

Sarah and Anna Hinze

Our daughter Anna Adele is in Quito, Ecuador with a group of young singles from our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints) who are helping out after some serious natural disasters in that country.  Anna sent me an email describing what she will be doing for the next ten days:

Starting July 2nd through July 11th, I will help in assisting villagers in development, not just providing relief. When villagers become victims of natural disasters or suffering caused by war, their immediate concern is to stay alive through the assistance of food, clean water, and basic medical attention. The villagers to whom a group of us offer our help are not necessarily victims of natural or civil catastrophes; they are people who can maintain a subsistence level of living. This means that they have just enough to get by but lack the resources and education to get out of perpetual poverty.

IMG_3020Development is simply teaching them the skills they need to help themselves and linking them to resources necessary for progress. I will be assisting in the service project education on health, construction work, and small business development.

I’ve done a humanitarian trip before in Cambodia in 2013. I was overwhelmingly grateful for the experience, as we were able to build a school for a group of foster children in the village. It was extremely rewarding to see their faces light up while we were there providing a stable place to help the children learn. I will never forget the children’s faces as we bonded in teaching English and played with them as their love filled our hearts. I assume we will be doing something similar in Ecuador. I know this is part of God’s work for me. I will also post on my blog at www.awakenmint.blogspot.com when I return!

You can also read more about the organization and future service trips that you may be interested in going on at Singular Humanitarian.

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