Making History at the first ever Pro-Life Women’s Conference

Abby Johnson flashes a selfie with all the pro-life conference attendies!

My daughter Laura and I attended the first ever pro-life women’s conference in Dallas, Texas at the end of June. It was amazing! It is grassroots organizations such as Big Ocean that will continue to make a difference and save lives of unborn children. 

Why did we attend the first ever pro-life women’s conference in Dallas, Texas the weekend of June 24-26, 2016?

My love for my baby and for all babies carried me there. My love for those who have suffered sexual abuse brought me there. For anyone who’s been broken, fallen, felt worthless or without hope, I went for you. At times, these feelings have governed my world, so in that respect, I went for me.

I met so many amazing people, people from all over the country who support a better world.

So happy to have met Serrin M. Foster, President of Feminists for Life, a highly-respected pro-life organization.

So happy to have met Serrin M. Foster, President of Feminists for Life, a highly respected pro-life organization.

I met my heroes, not celebrities or singers from today’s pop culture, but those who wholeheartedly believe women deserve better than abortion.

I met women who regret their abortions and are looking not only to heal, but to heal others. I met adoption advocates, birth mothers, those who have been adopted, abortion survivors, rape survivors, those born out of rape, single moms and gay women.

I met abortion workers who have seen terrible injustices on women and children and who are standing up and speaking out, secular women who support humanity, and politicians on both sides of the aisle,

I met volunteers, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, doctors, lawyers, civil right leaders, clergy and atheists.

Everyone was there to support nonviolence, healthy choices, and the very best for women.

Check out Laura’s blog at for the rest of the article and more photos.

Can you be Pro-life and Feminist?

Yes, we are feminists and pro-life!

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