A Pawn for a King is now available!

It’s been a long journey, but it is done! A Pawn for a King is available on Amazon in print and kindle versions.

A Pawn for a King
Ada de Warenne 1123-1178

Queen Mother to the Kings of Scots

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(Sept 2019) A pawn in a game of battling kingdoms, Ada de Warenne’s powerful enemies work against her and Prince Henry mac David of Scotland.

From the moment she and Henry are kidnapped weeks after they’re wed, she’s thrown into the war for the northern lands of England. As she quietly gives birth to Scotland’s future kings and follows a legacy of pious Scottish queens, she strives to settle into her new home and love and care for the people of Northumbria.

But enemies are constantly at work to destroy her family, and soon it becomes apparent that if she doesn’t uncover the true identities of Henry’s enemies, she’ll lose him as well as her sons.

A Pawn for a King is written by Countess Ada de Warenne’s 24th great granddaughter, Sarah Hinze. After discovering Ada while researching family history, Sarah felt an instant connection and admiration that drew her to walk the lands of England and Scotland and spend years researching her ancestor’s life. What Sarah discovered was that Ada, although living in medieval times, had unprecedented independence and blazing courage that opened a new path for all the future royal women of Europe. 

Praise for A Pawn for a King:

“Your book is literary fiction, more like a memoir. It is magnificent. I cried throughout the book, I was so touched by the story.” — Angelique Conger

From the Foreword:

“Ada de Warenne was an important British noblewoman, the mother of Scottish kings, and an ancestress to Sarah…. As I read Sarah’s treatment of her life story, Ada de Warenne became special and important to me…. I hope you enjoy this delightful, historical novel by Sarah Hinze as much as I have…. “– David J. Larsen, Ph.D.

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