“Remembering Heaven” by Sarah Hinze

Filmmaker, Producer, Director – Tom Laughlin

This is a film based on over 30 years of extensive research. This moving new documentary explores the origins of the human soul by examing pre-birth and near-death experiences, ancient texts, myths, legends and conceptions of past artists, poets, and philosophers, as well as insights from modern-day scholars.

The film has been winning awards in film festivals in many venues, including the International Christian Film Festival.

  • Documentary of the  Pre-Birth Experience.
  • Winning the Best Documentary and People’s Choice Award at the 2021 LDS Film Festival.
  • The film was awarded Best Documentary at the 2021 Utah Film Festival.
  • The film has been accepted and nominated at the 2021 International Christian Film Festival.
  • Winning the “Best of State” award:  https://bestofstate.org/ in April 2021 in Utah.

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