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HARKINS opening a 2nd theater also at 7:10pm for the RED CARPET SHOWING

In select Theaters in Utah and Arizona in May 2022

Extended Viewing in Utah and Arizona!!!


Top Documentary Award “Best of the State” - July 2021 - Utah

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Ukraine needs help

By Sarah H. | April 3, 2022

“Remembering Heaven” Awards

By Sarah H. | August 2, 2021

Utah “Best Documentary” Film – June 2021 Remembering Heaven Based on more than 30 years of research, Remembering Heaven explores the possibility of a life before this life.  The film includes fascinating interviews with noted historians, scholars, and people who have had “pre-birth experiences” and “near-death experiences.”  The project was produced by award-winning and best-selling…

“Remembering Heaven” by Sarah Hinze

By Sarah H. | May 3, 2021

Filmmaker, Producer, Director – Tom Laughlin This is a film based on over 30 years of extensive research. This moving new documentary explores the origins of the human soul by examing pre-birth and near-death experiences, ancient texts, myths, legends and conceptions of past artists, poets, and philosophers, as well as insights from modern-day scholars. The…


By Sarah | December 13, 2019

A Pawn for a King by Sarah Hinze Historical Timeline (true events) Many of you who have read A Pawn for a King have asked for more information concerning what characters are authentic and the true story line of Ada’s life. Hugh Gifford and his wife, Alexander St. Martin and his family are authentic people…

Finding Ada

By Sarah | November 21, 2019

In the summer of 2015, I encouraged my husband Brent to join me in returning to the British Isles.  He agreed. After a few weeks in London, we flew to Inverness, Scotland, located so far north in the Scottish Highlands that it was not yet fully dark when we landed at 11PM. We were picked up…

My Writing Journey

By Sarah | October 31, 2019

My journey to know Countess Ada de Warenne began several years ago when my good friend Charlene, a professional genealogist, agreed to my request and took my old box of family history to her home to put it into some reasonable order. She returned several weeks later, having done extensive research into my family line. With…

Marriages in William the Lion’s Family

By Sarah | September 25, 2019

by Helen Robertson, Scottish Historian If Sarah’s line does come down through Isabel (William the Lion’s daughter) who married Robert de Ros in 1191, then her line is not through Ermengarde but through William’s mistress (also Isabel) the daughter of Robert de Avenel, Lord of Wark and Tweed. In 1183, Isabel, William’s natural (or illegitimate daughter) – married Robert de Brus (Third Lord of Annandale).  Robert died…

A Pawn for a King is now available!

By Sarah | September 9, 2019

A Pawn for a KingAda de Warenne 1123-1178 Queen Mother to the Kings of Scots Available at (Sept 2019) A pawn in a game of battling kingdoms, Ada de Warenne’s powerful enemies work against her and Prince Henry mac David of Scotland. From the moment she and Henry are kidnapped weeks after they’re wed,…

New Book Trailer for A Pawn for a King

By Sarah | July 13, 2019

Virginia Governor Advocates Murder of Newborns

By Sarah H. | February 3, 2019

I am a person who is concerned about all creatures, but on January 30th, the irony in the news was so disturbing to me, I had to post a response. I may be banned by what I am going to say, but here it goes. With the record breaking cold temperatures, there is a call…