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-Paul Perry, author of Transformed by the Light

-Exceptional Human Experience Network

"We have learned much about death and the life after. Sarah Hinze leads us into the next great area of research-the study of where we come from."
-Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

"Coming From the Light is a ground-breaking book concerning an extraordinary subject."
-Richard Paul Evans, New York Times Bestselling Author

I just finished reading your book, "We Lived in Heaven", and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Thanks for going to all the trouble and effort to print a book that was so rewarding and enlightening.


"Hinze is a pioneer in the … field of prebirth experiences. …Her book conveys dozens of stories shared by people who experienced some form of spiritual communication with unborn children... These case studies are a valuable contribution to an area of psychic interest that is relatively undocumented."
-Library Journal


"Powerfully moving and uplifting, the true stories … open a door to the wondrous realm of life before life, a realm from which those who are waiting to join us on Earth can speak to us and guide us. Here are remarkable accounts …[an] inspiring collection, which radiates a universal sense of peace, joy and hope touches us all. Coming from the Light is personally rewarding, insightful reading".
-Midwest Book Review


"Sarah Hinze has done the world a favor by calling attention to prebirth experiences as a legitimate phenomenon that deserves and demands further study. Most women will be visted by their children before they are born, even before they are conceived. Many times the preborn will manifest within the family unit as an integral and present member, or to relatives far afield. I have personally witnessed this in my own life and have encountered it in my research of near-death states and spiritual transformations. It is so commonplace, in fact, that I am surprised when it doesn't happen. Thus, I can add my voice to Sarah's in saying that prebirth experiences and near-death experiences reveal a grander truth and a greater reality to what constitutes LIFE itself!"
-- P.M.H. Atwater, Lh.D., near-death researcher,
and author of Coming Back to Life, Beyond the Light, and Future Memory


"Sarah's approach is deeply spiritual and reverent."
-Elisabeth Hallett, Assn. for Pre- & Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPH)


"…children who have been adopted seem to feel more confident…mothers who have placed their children up for adoption I believe feel more reassured in their decision after being informed by this work. On a more personal level, this book has inspired me to fulfill more completely what I know to be my purpose here on this earth."
-Derek Lofgreen, M.Ed., CPC, CHT, NBCCH, Certified Professional Counselor



I just finished reading your book, We Lived in Heaven, and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Thanks for going to all the trouble and effort to print a book that was so rewarding and enlightening.

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Dear Sarah,
One more piece of evidence of life before life -- greetings from Belgium. I want to share with you my sort of PBE. I was nearly forty and I'd lost any hope to rear a child. My wife suffers from endometriosis and thus infertility. One day, when I opened the door to enter the kitchen, I had a flash. I saw the face of my yet-to born son. It was the real picture of him when aged eleven: pimply the same way, grey eyed, fair haired with three tufts; even his smile and features were faithful to future reality.

I love reading about life after life (Moody, EKR, Morse, Brune); but life before life is also fascinating. Your book Coming From the Light is on order; I shall enjoy relishing it quietly. Lots of thanks to help us to understand the eternity of human soul and spirit I enjoy reading from you.

Yours sincerely,

J.Denis M.D.



Dear Sarah,
I wanted to let you know that you book is the # 1 seller (this week) in my store. Everyone is talking about having there own experiences. I have never had the experience with my own kids, but I have been able to tell my children they were going to have babies before they knew about them. I know that I will have a boy and girl coming in the future. They will be named Billy and Deana. Two names all my children say they will never use.

Thanks for the book.

Karen Bontrager



This book will make you think! Whether you believe that we exist in a pre-life, or you are not sure, the incredible testimonies from real people will open your mind and heart to consider the purpose for our existence. Good books take us out of our mundane daily routine and help us look at ourselves anew. Songs of the Morning Stars will do just that! It will uplift you and warm your heart. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone. We all know and have experienced the joy of new life and the sorrow of losing loved ones. This book imparts the capacity to deal with life, death, and birth in a meaningful way.


Mark Anderson, AZ House of Representatives