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Top Documentary Award “Best of the State” - July 2021 - Utah

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What Can Mary teach us about the pregnant unwed girl?

By Sarah H. | January 14, 2016

  I can’t imagine a more frightening experience.  It was a time when you could be stoned for adultery.   If a man marries a girl who is claimed to be a virgin, and then finds that she is not, “they shall bring the girl to the entrance of her father’s house and there her…

Sisters, You Are Deceived

By Sarah H. | December 23, 2015

Dear Readers, I’d like to introduce my guest blogger, Laura Lofgreen.  She’s been blogging for years at My Dear Trash about her love of turning trash into treasures.  If you see a resemblance to me, you’re right! She’s my daughter and a wonderful mother to six beautiful children.  She has had numerous pre-birth experiences and…

Still the First Day at World Congress of Families

By Sarah H. | October 28, 2015

It’s still the first day!  This morning of The World Congress Families IX, Elder Russel M. Ballard, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gave the keynote speech. Elder Ballard was very bold about declaring the beliefs of our faith and he emphasized that…

Project Rachel at the World Congress of Families

By Sarah H. | October 28, 2015

I’m here at the World Congress of Families being held in Salt Lake City, Utah.  To start the conference, children marched in with the flags of their countries.  This was such a perfect spiritual beginning I couldn’t help but think of our dear castaways; it felt as if they were here in spirit.  I’ve had…

I Am Going Back to the Land of My Ancestors and Bringing My Dear Hubby

By Sarah | June 18, 2015

  My life was forever changed last summer during the month of June when I traveled to England and Scotland with my four daughters, Krista, Becky, Rachel, and Anna.  I never knew that one could fall in love with another country or the people, but I did. For several months after I arrived home, I…

Exciting News for Pre-Birth Studies

By Sarah | May 5, 2015

I am excited to share with you that we are making a documentary about our research concerning unborn children coming to their mothers or fathers in dreams and visions. This phenomenon has occurred down through the history of time in that we have stories in the scriptures of “the announcing dream’, the most famous being…

My Daughter Laura Shares from her Blog

By Sarah | April 16, 2015

  Thursday, April 16, 2015 from Laura Hinze Lofgreen at The Safest Place in the World – A Vivid Reality I’ve had this thought running through my mind for quite sometime.  Being pregnant has pushed the barriers of my mind and heart.  Mentally, there is no way to comprehend what the body can do. …

LDS Women at the United Nations March, 2015

By Sarah | March 19, 2015

LDS women hosted a Monday night event titled “Women & Girls: Across the Generations” to a standing-room only crowd in the Church Center of the United Nations (CCUN). “We’ve never had this kind of turnout,” says Kelli Franzen-Houghton of United Families International. “In all the years we’ve been hosting our parallel events, it has never gone…

Hearts Turning to the Children

By Sarah | January 13, 2015

My friend Lani Axman (see previous post about her) has been a major force to share the message of the castaways.  Thank you Lani for spreading the word–it takes courage and you have it girlfriend.  This article is written by my soul sister Lani and on her website at   January 13, 2015 in…

He Is a God of Miracles and Blessings

By Sarah H. | January 8, 2015

Actress and director Angelina Jolie is not known as a praying woman. Recently, due to a severe storm she, as director, was in danger of failing to complete the final scene of the inspiring film, Unbroken. With no relief in sight, it is reported that Angelina suddenly dropped to her knees in front of the…