Characteristics of Pre-Birth Experiences

From an initial sampling, we have determined the following statistics:

When PBEs Occur:

53% before conception
47% after conception, before birth

To Whom PBEs Occur:

63% to mothers
13% to fathers
24% to others — siblings, grandparents, self in flashbacks, other relatives, close friends, midwives.


Ways and Means of PBE Communication:

When the experience involves contact with a pre-mortal spirit, the contact can occur in one or more ways:

During an NDE:  There are many accounts of NDEs which describe a visit to the pre-mortal realm. Suzanne Freeman and Ned Dougherty are two such NDErs.

Dreams:  Very vivid dreams in which the individual sees and/or converses with a being that the individual knows has not yet been born but will be born in the future. Some cultures call this type of experience “announcing dreams”. These dreams are often extremely vivid and memorable.

Visions: PBEr sees distinctly male or female form, various “ages”, variously attired, while awake; sometimes form is accompanied by glow or light, sometimes not; sometimes appears and/or disappears suddenly.

Auditory: Experiencer hears a voiced message from or about the pre-born. Often the voice is a child, gives its preferred name, announces that it needs to come to earth now, and/or refers to the parent as “father” or “mother”.

Telepathy: Pre-born beings witnessed by communication directly to the experiencer’s mind; telepathic or spiritual communication, as often described in NDEs.

Sensory: An individual vividly senses an unseen presence hovering around them. Along with the presence can be a distinct feeling of urgency.


Other Types of PBEs:

Escort to Earth: these accounts indicate an escort who brought the pre-born to earth.

Adoption: these accounts announce one of two things: (1) the child will be birthed by a biological parent, but is to be adopted by the parent(s) who witness the PBE; and (2) the biological parent is told that the child she carries is intended for another family–often apparently occurring to prevent the biological parent from aborting the baby; part of the message is a sense of peace, joy and purpose that gives the biological parent strength to follow through with the pregnancy.

Memories, flashbacks, deja vu: These include children who spontaneously report memories of siblings or themselves in their pre-born state, or an adult with a vivid recollection of being in the pre-mortal realm, recalling birth or early infancy, and/or who have a flashback or vision and see themselves in the pre-mortal realm.

Language: The PBEr remembers speaking a different language, or having to learn the language they speak now.

The Light: PBEr sees an unearthly, bright light. Usually occurs in companion with other types of PBEs.


Ten Traits of a “Typical” Pre-Birth Experience:

Radiation of love: The pre-born radiates a powerful love to the pre-birth experiencer, similar to the love felt from the light in the NDE.

Celestial light: The pre-born may radiate, or appear in, a brilliant light that does not hurt the eyes and conveys extraordinary peace, similar to the light in the NDE.

Thankful and eager to come to earth: The pre-born is excited about earth life, views it as a growth opportunity, and is thankful that the parents are providing this opportunity. Yet there may be some fear of the unknown in facing the transition to earth life.

Leaving a heavenly home: The pre-born is eager to enter earth life, but expresses a degree of loss or apprehension at leaving the sanctuary of his heavenly home.

A time to come to earth: The pre-born often indicates that the time in which one comes to earth is assigned, as part of a divine timetable, so personalized growth experiences can be achieved.

A unique mission: The pre-born message conveys that each individual has special purposes or missions to accomplish during his specified time on earth.

Protection/Warning: Some pre-born appearances provide protection or warning to the recipient. (In the case studies reviewed, aid to the PBErs was provided by the pre-born to prevent or recover from suicide attempts, abuse, rape, birth control, and abortion that would block the pre-born’s conception and birth on earth.)

Messages: Some pre-born appearances provide messages about something the future parent(s) or others must do as part of their earth mission or to help the pre-born.

Escort to earth: Some pre-borns are brought to earth by escorts (just as some NDErs are escorted to the life after life).

Deja vu: Some PBEs consist of memories or flashbacks of one’s pre-earth life.

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