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The Castaways: Safely In His Arms First printed in the year 2000, The Castaways: Safely In His Arms contains a collection of firsthand and as-told-to accounts of prebirth experiences which shed light on the effects of abortion on the unborn child’s soul. These accounts testify that a baby’s body can be destroyed through abortion, but not only will the spirit continue to live, he or she may retain the terrifying memory of what the physical body suffered during the abortion.

Even more miraculous, some of these souls (or spirits) are being re-assigned to new parents and new families, and are retaining vivid memories of their previous body’s destruction.  They are gaining their endowed right to a body and life.  And they are beginning to tell their stories.

Discover for yourself these witnesses of the eternal nature of life in The Castaways! This book is out of print, but you may order a copy directly from the me by emailing  sarah@sarahhinze.com.


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