PBE Bookshelf

Books about PBEs:

We Lived in Heaven: Spiritual Accounts of Souls Coming to Earth, by Sarah Hinze (Spring Creek Book Company, 2006) ISBN 1-932898-60-3

Songs of the Morning Stars by Sarah Hinze (Spring Creek Book Company, 2006)

Castaways: Safely in His Arms by Sarah Hinze (2001)

Coming From the Light: Spiritual Accounts of Life Before Life, by Sarah Hinze (Pocketbooks 1997) ISBN 0-671-00159-0

The Soul’s Remembrance by Roy Mills (Onjinjinka Publishing, 1999)

SoulTrek by Elisabeth Hallett

PBEs in Books:

Led by the Hand of Christ, by Suzanne Freeman as told to Shirley Bahlmann (Spring Creek Book Company, Nov 2004)

Fast Lane to Heaven: Celestial Encounters that Changed My Life by Ned Dougherty (Hamptom Roads Publishing 2001) ISBN 1-57174-200-X

I Stand All Amazed, Elane Durham (Granite Publishing, August 1998)

The Eternal Journey: How Near-Death Experiences Illuminate Our Earthly Lives by Harold A. Widdison, Ph.D. & Craig R. Lundahl, Ph.D. (Warner Books 1997)

Heavenly Answers for Earthly Challenges by Joyce Brown (Jemstar Press 1997)

Life at Death: A Scientific Investigation of the Near-Death Experience by Kenneth Ring, Ph.D. (Quill Publishing 1982)

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