PBEs in the Present

127 Hours, the Aron Ralston story, released in late 2010, early 2011. Nominated for 6 academy awards.
Law of Distraction and Interruption Show, Joe Carraccio, Achieve Radio interview with Sarah Hinze and other guests, Aug 9, 2009.

“Songs of the Morning Stars by Sarah Hinze”, reviewed by Paul Smith, Meridian Magazine, 2007.

“Mesa author write of souls before they come to earth”, by Lawn Griffiths, Arizona Tribune, August 19, 2006.

“Moments of Truth”, by Jane Lampman, Dec 22, 2005 edition, The Christian Science Monitor, article about transformative religious or spiritual experience in America, includes a PBE at end of article.

Beyond Chance, Lifetime Cable Channel, March 31, 2001, Repeat broadcast. See local listings for time in your area (USA).

Deseretnews.com news article, “Are the Unborn Messengers to Their Parents?”, by Carrie A. Moore, Dec 23, 2000. (After June ’01 link may require subscription to deseretnews.com archives in order to view.)

Hard Copy, July 21, 1998, “Dream Children” aired again in its entirety. Repeated broadcast in July 1999. (Broadcast edited version of “Dream Children” in April 1998.)

Women’s Day magazine, July 1998, “Our Tiny Miracle”, p.26

Unbelievable! (Japanese prime-time TV, Saturdays 7pm) “Most Incredible” to air in early Fall, 1998 in Japan.

Hard Copy, April 1998, “Dream Children”

“Preconceived Notions,” by Cathryn Creno, Arizona Republic newspaper article, Dec. 1997

20/20: Richard Dreyfuss interview with Barbara Walters, shared his PBE about his daughter, April 1996

A Walk In the Clouds, starring Keanu Reeves (a prebirth experience is at the heart of this film.)

Discovery Channel’s Angels, Magic & Miracles, “Coming From the Light”, 1997

Sightings, “Life Before Life” Nov 1996, “Coming From the Light” May 1997

“Bringing the Light,” by Jamie Tobias Neely, The Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA), May 8, 1995

“Unborn Children: Gathering Hears Stories of Pre-Birth Experiences,” by Karen Boren, Deseret News (SLC, UT) Nov. 1997

The Blue Bird starring Shirley Temple (Movie 1937?)

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