Scenes of Premortality

PBE during an NDE:

Suddenly the scenes in my life review were gone and scenes of my premortal life came into view.  I was aware that I was part of a large group of enthusiastic supporters of the planned earth life.  Immediately I knew I was not born on earth simply by chance.  There were reasons–eternal purposes for everything.  I knew about the earth’s creation and had a great love for it.

Everything was designed to fit together and function in harmony, and I observed that each part has a reason for being; each part supports all other parts by its existence–even insects.  Things I had taken for granted or thought of as insignificant now had new importance. All things, I now knew, are significant and necessary to help the earth be whole and complete. . . .

Trees, vegetation, and seeds took on a new significance for me.  How gloriously everything functioned; how marvelously it was created!  I had a new respect and appreciation for all of God’s creations.   The love I had for earth was tremendous.  It was incredibly important to me as I realized the significance of it in the plan and miracle of creation.

In the premortal world, I saw that it was earth life that would allow me the opportunity to have a mortal body and mortal experiences.  My understanding increased as I realized why our memories of premortal life have to be hidden with an earthly veil of forgetfulness: so that we can gain wisdom–learn, develop mentally and spiritually, find joy through obedience, and become more loving, charitable, and forgiving.  Also, I realized that I could not have functioned properly on earth if I had remembred the joy of being engulfed in Godly love.   The longing would have been so great to be back in His presence that I could not have withstood the pain.

When I was on the Other Side, I wondered about life before birth, and whether I had wanted to be born or had any choice about it.  My question was answered profoundly in these quick glimpses of premortality.  I distinctly remembered with a burst of happiness some of the excitement I had felt about coming to earth. I knew I was not alone in this excitement; all of us were eager to participate in this plan.  We were not lukewarm about this; we were exuberant.  With this realization and refreshing of my memory, I felt repentant for having wondered whether I had wanted to be born–the answer was so obviously yes.

My rememberance of the premortal world while on the Other Side reawakened my feelings and knowledge about the wonders connected to being born, having a body, and being part of this eternal plan.  With a bright awareness, I recalled that I wanted to help make the earth a better place for those who would come after me and be part of the whole.

My birth on earth was for a purpose which I accepted and wanted to accomplish.  I wanted to be part of the group who were creating benefits for others in the world.  I knew that each choice made on earth can have far-reaching effects.  Every person and every choice matters more than we can realize at the time.

I was amazed at what I was shown and what I learned…, scenes of the spirit world, and revelations of knowledge that were impressed upon my consciousness.  The events in premortality and earth life only fit together when viewed from life on the Other Side.

The additional knowledge was given to me that the earth is for all of God’s children, and the responsibility for it belongs to all of us.  However, there are many who come to earth who do not realize or care about its importance. Knowing that the earth was being fouled by some for whom it was created, whose lives depended on it, caused me to feel great sadness….

It was exciting, however, to learn of the tremendous joy awaiting those who accept their challenges and make it through them while striving to keep God’s commandments–they can reap their earned rewards.   I had an overwhelming desire to be among the group on earth who serve Him and do His will.

–Joyce Brown, Heavenly Answers for Earthly Challenges, Jemstar Press, c. 1997, p. 126-129

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