Personal Coaching Endorsements

“Sarah’s ability to get to the root of my inner issues was truly amazing. I love how she invites the healing power of Christ into her sessions. The result I achieved with her help has been a blessing in my life and consequently the lives of my family members as well!” — T.S.


“Sarah Hinze was an invaluable source of comfort and healing during my illness. Her unique talents and abilities tapped into spiritual and therapeutic powers which no ordinary doctor was able to do. The chemical treatments and radiation therapy were very difficult to endure and only the calm, loving assurance that Sarah was able to convey with her methods allowed me to continue. The healing and restoration processes in my body were escalated by the time we spent with Sarah and the wonderful abilities she has to offer. I recommend her to anyone who needs a special, caring, intuitive individual to assist them and their doctors with the task of getting well. — Sincerely, J.H.”


“I worked with Sarah on some of my most personal issues and found the metaphoric healing technique that she uses to be very pure. Christ energy does the healing, Sarah helps to guide the journey. I liked it so much that I am now in training to learn the same process. Thank you Sarah!” — D.


“Hi Sarah… I wanted to share with you an amazing experience I had because of the processing we did together – our son in our last family therapy session came out about everything. . . . He seemed different when I got back from that retreat and now since he has opened up, he is a different kid. I would love it if you would be willing to do some work with both my son and my daughter.¬†Thank you so much for the value that you created in my life and the life of my family. You have changed me forever.” –Cynthia

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