May 1, 2016

Hi Friends,

Anna and Sarah at the U.N.

Anna and Sarah at the U.N.

We have had a busy few months and I am excited to catch you up with our comings and goings.

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and author. My desire to write books about children came when I was a very busy young mother. Throughout my life I had always loved writing in my journals, but after I was married, I wrote about my children and the spiritual and amazing connections that occurred with them, some even before they were born.

I wondered if other mothers had the same experiences. As I reached out to other women, women in my car pool and my children’s play groups at my church, I learned that the pre-birth experience or the announcing dream occurred with all people.  An announcing dream is a dream or spiritual impression of a child before that child is born or conceived. Eventually that child is born and the dreamer recognizes the child of her dreams.

The phenomenon was so intriguing; I prayed about writing a book.  In answer, I was prompted to do one simple thing—to be a gatherer—a gatherer of evidence and stories that support the dignity–the spiritual, physical and every other kind of dignity of the unborn child. As I published my books over the years, I learned from readers that these stories were changing hearts.  Not only the hearts of those who have the experiences, but of people who read about them. Readers were sharing with me their stronger bonds with their unborn child because of these accounts.

It was then that I really saw the purpose of the work the Lord had given me.  These accounts served as evidence against abortion and supported the right of the pre-born child. What a unique way to teach, to share in a loving nonthreatening way, the beauty and treasure of children.

After many years of hearing, recording and listening to innumerable accounts, a new category emerged and began to fill up a file in my desk, the aborted ones. I called them castaways. I was hearing stories of abortion from the children themselves, in many cases. Mother’s were telling me about children they almost aborted (almost castaways), and the treasure they became to them. Chapters and stories began to come together.

Our first book The Castaways: Safely in His Arms, was published in 2000. We sold or gave away 10,000 books. There were many reports of children saved from abortion with this little book. In October,2015 we were ready to publish our 15th year Anniversary Edition.  The Castaways: New Evidence Supporting the Rights of the Unborn Child was born with more special stories.  (We did some market testing with subtitles and settled on this one.)  Our new website is up and we are also still blogging at

Members of Big Ocean: Women of Faith, Family and Motherhood at the U.N.

Members of Big Ocean: Women of Faith, Family and Motherhood at the U.N.

We premiered the 15th anniversary edition of The Castaways  at The World Congress of Families in Salt Lake City, Utah, October, 2015, where Brent and I had the chance to mingle with some wonderful people.

In October, 2015, we also attended a film festival sponsored by the University of Utah where a trailer of our new documentary was featured.( See below for more information).  Photos

On March 14, 2016, my daughter Anna and I flew to New York City for a few days of sightseeing before we met up with our friends.  We were there to meet other women from around the world who stand for family and motherhood.

On March 16, 2016 I spoke in a parallel event of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

I was invited as a delegate with a wonderful organization called Big Ocean: Women for Faith, Family and Motherhood.  BOW was founded by wife and mother, Carolina Allen, from Orem, Utah.  Seven of us presented at the event.  I also gifted 150 books to those who attended.

I spoke about my research on announcing dreams.  I believe that announcing dreams testify that we are eternal beings. We are children of God– something so simple a little  child already knows it by the time they are three years old. In my travels I have talked to adults with tears in their eyes that had no clue they were a child of God until I mentioned it to them.

I shared information about forced abortion and sex-selective abortions in some parts of the world.

With Wendy Jang at the U.N.

With Wendy Jang at the U.N.

The words, ‘it’s a girl,’ are the deadliest words on Earth when said at the birth of a child in China and India.

The Chinese Communist Party’s use of forced abortion is well documented and is compounded by the widespread use of sex-selective abortions by parents seeking to have a male child. When couples are restricted to one child or two, women are often pressured by husbands and in-laws to give birth to a boy and abort the girl.

It is reported that China has 13 million abortions per year – that’s 35,000 per day and 1,485 per hour. While China’s population is four times greater than that of the U.S., the abortion rate is 13 times higher.

The U.S. is complicit with forced abortions in China through funding of the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA), according to Reggie Littlejohn at



Our documentary, The Announcing Dream Phenomena is coming along well.  Our filmmaker Liliana Corona, recently finished all of her course work for her Masters in film-making at the University of Utah.  I met Lili when I spoke at a conference in Mesa, Arizona.  She came up to my table and said, “I am a filmmaker and I want to do a documentary about your work.”  “Great” I said.  “I have been waiting for you”.  Seriously, I had been waiting.  I have learned that everything has timing, and try as I may, I could not make it happen before now. That is because Lili is the one to do it! I love her work.

Our mentor and director for the film is Sterling Van Wagenen, who is the co-founder of Sundance Film Festival with Robert Redford.  We are grateful to work with him.  We have filmed stories of announcing dreams from people of many nations and cultures. Stay tuned for our new trailer– Coming soon.


MakingAudioWe have other books which are in the works.  Some old favorites we will be publishing under our new imprint, Three Orchard Publications, along with new never-before-published manuscripts.  We’re working hard to get them ready for print.  In the mean-time, The Castaways (15th Anniversary Edition) is now available  in audio on iTunes!  Recording it was a really wonderful experience!

We also recently published the original Castaways in Spanish! It is available on Kindle.

The best for last:  We still hear from people who tell us that we are saving the lives of unborn children.  One story to share:

Over the years many women have contacted me and told me that my books have inspired them to not have abortions and they have either kept their baby or put the baby up for adoption. Just this week I was notified of a woman who was given one of my books when she was considering abortion.  She reported to a friend, “Because of Sarah’s book, I kept my baby and my child brought me so much joy that a year later, after I married, I had another child.”

I learned that she and her husband are now a devoted family who love the Lord and are filled with gratitude for the gift of their two children.

Good women everywhere have a sphere of influence to reach out in their neighborhood and use their gifts and talents to bless others.  The opportunity the Lord has placed on my heart is to reach out and shine a new light on the blessing of bearing, raising, and loving children. My work is to change hearts—one heart at a time.

Please share your stories of healing from abortion, miscarriage, and stillbirth. Please share your announcing dreams with us for a new publication.  See our blogs at and for other stories of interest on this subject.  Your stories bring hope and healing to others.  I know, I have seen it first hand.

Books are available on Kindle and in print at  I’ve been told that some people are still interested in having a copy of the original Castaways.  I still have a copies of these, so if you would like one, please contact me at