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My life’s work has been taking an interesting turn these past few years as I have developed a new career. It has been my privilege for several years to help others using Self-Empowerment Therapy in my practice as a Personal Coach.  Self-Empowerment Therapy is an emotional healing tool that helps my clients resolve their negative emotions and behavior patterns rapidly and painlessly. By focusing on the subconscious mind where are stored every memory, perception and belief, my clients are able to identify and change old beliefs and patterns at the source. Real, lasting change brings opportunity for real and lasting happiness and success. Traditional talk-only therapy, known as cognitive therapy, only deals with the conscious mind, which limits a person’s ability to get to the root cause of an issue.

Subconscious Storage, Conscious Healing

Have you ever wondered why you continue to do the negative things you do or feel the negative feelings you feel long after you’ve decided and tried to stop them? Many of the reasons for this are found stored within your subconscious mind (SC). The roots of every habit, perception and belief influencing your life positively or negatively, are stored there. Conscious choices, nutrition, genetics and environmental factors all contribute, but the SC stored material will often carry the greater impact on your everyday life.

Since the SC stores all this experience and information, it can also access it making it possible to identify, resolve, and heal it in numerous cases.

If negative stored life events are too traumatic for the Conscious mind to review, effective SC tools are designed to resolve those events effectively in an indirect way. Feedback from clients and my own experience has shown that it can be an effective and noninvasive way to resolve subconscious driven issues.

Healing Brings Freedom from Negative Emotions and Trauma

Stored material may be misperceptions or literal events. Either way, their influence has an impact on your life today. You can’t change the fact that certain events happened, but breakthrough subconscious-mind-oriented tools can help resolve those troublesome perceptions, beliefs and emotions so they simply don’t matter any more and they lose their power to make your decisions for you. They are now stored as RESOLVED and updated with your current desires. I frequently hear from clients, ‘I know it happened, but it just doesn’t matter any more’, or ‘It’s as if it never happened, even if I know it did’.

I am offering Self-Empowerment Therapy as part of my coaching work. If you are struggling with unresolved issues or negative emotions you want to be free once and for all, please email to set up an appointment.

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