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In recent years, the question of where a person’s spirit originates and where it may go after life is generating a great deal of conversation. Amidst heightened interest, media attention, books, movies and television programs that explore such concepts as “crossing over” and the ability of mediums to communicate with people who are dead, Sarah Hinze, researcher and author, provides accurate research-based answers. She addresses questions many individuals have about the human continuum and about whether life exists before birth and continues after death.Drawing on 20-years of pioneering research and interviews with hundreds of people, Sarah addresses current issues and provides new insights into current topics, including:

What is a prebirth experience?

In a typical prebirth experience (PBE), a parent, sibling, aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc., receives communication from a child before the child is born, or in many cases, before he or she was even conceived. Most often, they appear to announce that it is their time to experience mortality. In some cases, these unborn children can warn, protect and enlighten us from their pre-earth realm.

What proof do you have that such prebirth experiences actually take place?

Sarah has spent nearly 20 years interviewing experiencers, collecting accounts of PBEs, and comparing data with other researchers of spiritual phenomena. With her husband Brent Hinze, Ph.D., she has identified typical traits, characteristics, and types of PBEs. In addition, she has studied historical accounts and have identified many references to PBEs in literature, in religious writings, and reported in the media.

Are PBEs similar to near-death experiences?

Just as the Near Death Experiences (NDEs) affirm that life continues after death, prebirth experiences confirm that we live before birth. PBEs are spoken of in ancient writings and in many cultures as “announcing dreams.” She has hundreds of case studies from individuals from many backgrounds, religions and cultures who have encountered children before conception or birth, and she is always looking to gather more.

Other questions Sarah expertly addresses include:

  • ¬†How does a PBE occur? Is it a dream or a vision?
  • What are some aspects of a typical PBE?
  • Can someone conjure up a PBE or cause one to occur?
  • How do PBEs affect people who have such experiences?
  • How do PBEs help some individuals?
  • What prompted you to explore this particular area?

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