I have spent more than two decades researching Pre-Birth Experiences.  This blog site is a place for me to share what I’ve learned about the many ways yet-to-be-born children communicate with us that we often dismiss as our imagination, and the truths about eternity these angels share.

Explore with me the evidence gathered here of the eternal nature of our souls. These stories have come from parents, grandparents, siblings and others who have asked me to share their uplifting and remarkable accounts of their personal, life changing experiences when they met the souls of their sons and daughters before they were born.  Other stories were previously published and are quoted here.  These beautiful experiences witness that we are all eternal spirits who lived in a realm of light and beauty before coming to earth.

This site also shares stories of the vivid memories of that realm as recounted by young children, and the dramatic stories of prayers answered by the guardian angels who watch over us. The true stories on this site and in my books provide fascinating insight into the fact that earth life is not the beginning of our existence.

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