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Ogden Christ-Centered Conference

Thought my Utah friends might be interested in attending this Christ-centered conference where I’ll be speaking.  Over 1400 people attended last year, and we’re expecting an even bigger turn out this year.  Check out the classes on the conference website , the long list of well-known and amazing presenters and the Facebook page.     


June 22-23, 2015 (Monday & Tuesday)
9 am to 6 pm Each Day
Weber State University Campus
3848 Harrison Boulevard
Browning Theater, Shepherd Union Building & Elizabeth Hall 
Ogden, Utah

You don’t want to miss it!


Filming Has Begun on a New Documentary About the Pre-Birth Experience

I am excitegirlwithpalmfrondsd to share with you that we are making a documentary about our research concerning unborn children coming to their mothers or fathers in dreams and visions. This phenomenon has occurred down through the history of time in that we have stories in the scriptures of “the announcing dream’, the most famous being the Angel Gabriel coming to Mary, the Mother of Jesus. He announced that she would have a son and his name would be called Jesus.

A dream or experience for most people does not usually include an angel, but the experiences that we have collected are still miraculous.  These experiences announce the eminent arrival of a new child to the family, and as the stories develop in our books, the child announced in a dream does arrive.  How they arrive is often a miraculous story in itself.

I have collected these accounts over the years because the stories bring hope concerning the purpose and meaning of life.  This is something the world needs at this time.  I also collect these stories because I feel a sense of a mission with this work I do.  I feel that God has made these experiences possible to tgirlwithteddybeareach many great truths–especially the truth that we are His children and come from His presence before we are born.

My research indicates that the pre-birth experience is universal and occurs in all nationalities, cultures, and religious affiliations.  For the film we are looking for more stories.  Specifically we need more stories from those with diverse ethnic and/or religious backgrounds. I have a few, but I am seeking more.

I am putting this announcement on social media in hopes of hearing about many new stories.  If you have a story for me of any ethnicity, culture, or religion please get in touch with me at  Check out my website and blog at  If you would like to visit on the phone, email me and I will give you my cell phone number.

Thank you very much.  Thank you for your love and support over the years. Along with the documentary, The Unborn Children, we are also preparing to bring out our book soon The Castaways, 15th Year Anniversary Edition.  This is a new book with new stories, and updates on a few of the favorite stories from the past.

At this time I ask for your prayers that we may produce works that make a positive difference in the world, and inspire greater love for one another, including the unborn child.

Best to you always,

Sarah Hinze
May 5, 2015




Glimpses of Eternity: Remembering our Home in Heaven

Along with pre-birth stories, I also collect pre-birth memories.   I have prepared an entire book on pre-birth memories titled Glimpses of Eternity:  Remembering our Home in Heaven. Current plans are to publish it this Summer, 2015.

Below is the introduction to this book, as well as a few stories I have collected.


For many years I have been collecting personal stories concerning memories of heaven.  These stories are from people of all walks of life.  These accounts pertain to a remembrance of life with God in heaven before birth.

The concept of a pre-mortal life is new for some people.  It refers to the existence of the soul before we were born into physical bodies. This implies that we had our beginnings as spiritual beings in another sphere before coming to earth. If this is true, and we live after death as testified by those who have had a near death experience, it would make each of us an eternal being who lives not only here, but also before and after earth life. If true, we did not spring into existence at conception, but we lived before as our authentic self, a spirit being. Now at this time–we are spirit beings having an earthly experience.

Pamela’s story:

My prebirth memories have been with me throughout my entire life and are difficult to explain in words. The language we have available to explain spiritual experiences is so limited.

I was summoned by an angel or guide to a building made of what appeared to be white marble. There were twelve columns across the front of the building. Inside the building I could see black and white glass floors, which was symbolic of good versus evil. I felt that this building was a place where decisions were made.

My guide told me that it was time for me to go and have earthly experiences. I was afraid. My heart was very heavy and sad because I didn’t want to leave my heavenly home. I began pleading that I didn’t want to go and became very stubborn about it. My guide assured me that everything would be okay, and they would help me make this transition.

I was still reluctant. My guide said he could prove to me that I was ready. He pointed to two doors in the back of the room. One was on the left, the other on the right. He asked me to go through either door….

A premortal memory could be the inspiration for one of my favorite poems. In his book, Clairvoyant Wordsworth (2002), the author, Robert Zimmer, makes a strong case that the poet William Wordsworth in writing his classic poem, “Ode on Intimations of Immortality,” may have had his own memory of being in heaven with God before he was born.

cloud-754671_640The poem is quite long, but I refer to a few of my favorite stanzas:

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:
The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star,
Hath had elsewhere its setting,
And cometh from afar:
Not in entire forgetfulness,
And not in utter nakedness,
But trailing clouds of glory do we come
From God, who is our home.

I remember vividly the first time I heard it– my professor read it in an English literature class in college. I was literally moved to tears as the words rang out like beautiful music to my soul. I thought, “So that is where I come from.  I come from God, who is my home.” Immediately the concept touched my heart as familiar and true.

Premortal memories represent a discovery that promotes a life-changing paradigm. There is power in knowing that some of our knowledge, our talents and even certain relationships were developed before this life. Understanding our pre-earth life can clarify many issues in life, especially those that appear unjust and arbitrary. It may shed light on the question “why?” concerning parents, family, friends, place of birth, nationality, interests, aptitudes, trials, and so on. As hard as it may be to imagine, there is evidence suggesting we chose, or at least agreed to, many of our life experiences—that there are no accidents in “the big picture.  Who we are is determined in large measure by where we’ve been. Here on earth we come from all kinds of backgrounds, some good, some not so good. We all know people who, sadly, are held back all their lives by their own attitude or belief about their negative beginnings. An inferior self-image is a difficult thing to overcome. What if there was evidence that we each had an ideal beginning from which we can derive great strength if truly understood!

Belief is the seed of self-worth—the root of happiness and success, or of sorrow and failure. It is a position of strength to know that “none of us come to this earth to gain our worth; we brought it with us.” (Sheri L. Dew)
Our research fortifies my belief that each of us comes from a divine source with a unique mission here on earth. Our personal happiness lies in discovering and fulfilling that mission.

Regardless of where you are now or how you feel about yourself and your life, I believe this collection of premortal memories will give you hope and comfort.


I Tried To Remember Heaven

carveddoorsI was in a long white dress, and I came through some beautifully carved double doors into a large room. Chairs were arranged on either side of the room. The chairs were empty when I came in.

The room was like an amphitheater and was slanted down. At the front of the room there was something that looked to be a table or an altar. At the front of the room I saw three men dressed in white.

I knew where I was supposed to sit, and I came down the center…and sat on the left side, in toward the middle of the seats. All the chairs were padded, and they were hooked together.

I remember thinking it was going to be so strange to go to earth and forget home. I couldn’t comprehend that. I understood exactly what I was getting into and what I had to do. But I couldn’t comprehend that I could ever forget this fantastic place. I wanted so much to remember this experience and this room.

When the double doors to the room closed, I knew that I would not remember what was behind those two doors—a veil would be placed over my mind. But I wanted to remember this room, and I studied it very carefully.

earth-422754_640I also remember that there were three men at the front of the room who would determine when I would go through the door. When my time came I would know it, and I would move down the aisle and go through the white curtains that were across the front. The three men were whispering reverently, but I didn’t pay any attention to what they were saying. I just kept studying the room—I did not want to forget it. Drapes were over the windows, and the ceiling was very tall.

It seemed strange to be getting ready to go to earth. And when I thought about [it], it was as if I could see through the walls of the room and see the earth suspended out in space. I was not afraid; I just didn’t want to forget.




I Miss My Father

jesus-childrenWhen eighteen months of age , my son, Jonathon, was riding to the grocery store with me. He was unusually quiet for a time and then out of the blue spoke, “Mommy, I really miss my Father.”  It seemed a bit odd as he normally called his father, Daddy.

I responded, “Daddy will be home before we get back from the store.”

In a surprisingly matter of fact way Jonathon clarified, “No, I mean my Father in Heaven. I used to sit and talk with Him and I really miss Him.”

I was astonished, for never had I taught him such things.





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