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Sarah HinzeSarah has dedicated her life to researching our connection to Heaven before birth, during our life journey, and after we pass.

In her books, speaking and coaching, Sarah brings to light a unique, full-spectrum picture of human existence. Her work has helped hundreds, perhaps thousands, expand their understanding of the spiritual origin of man.

What she teaches is not a new concept. In fact, in her lectures and her writings she quotes ancient texts from many cultures — hundreds of sources with comments concerning man’s true nature and origin as a child of God.

Against this historical foundation, Sarah presents the anecdotal evidence she has gathered from hundreds of interviews and from extensive reading. This combination of the wisdom of the ages with the experiences of individuals today, speaks to the very soul of workshop participants, stirring within them a remembrance of who they are. Participants experience an almost uncanny, intimately personal awakening concerning where they came from, why they are on earth, and where they are going.

Audiences are literally transformed and hearts changed as stories and evidence reveal a new paradigm of the sanctity of each human life. Her message is healing and uplifting, bringing peace and imparting hope.

Sarah’s own healing experience prompted she and her husband, Brent Hinze, Ph.D., to embark on their search nearly 20 years ago. For two decades she interviewed individuals and chronicled what she calls “prebirth experiences,” or communication from children before they are born. Her work has provided solid evidence that unborn children can warn, protect and enlighten us from another plane of existence. Most often they appear to announce it is their time to be born.

Her extensive work, groundbreaking publications, and ability to present knowledge in a touching and inspiring format has helped hundreds in countless ways.

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