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Host Martin Tanner interviews the researchers and film makers of the first documentary on experiences, communications and encounters in near-death experiences, visions and dreams, with spirits waiting to be born into life on earth.  Film makers and researchers Sarah and Brent Hinze new documentary describes their 30 years of research in compiling, recording and analyzing over two hundred such experiences.  Their book Life Before Life has been a favorite for many years.  Now their documentary adds a unique documentary to their efforts. Opening in theaters this week "Remembering Heaven" has one first place and "people's choice" awards in four independent film festivals.  For more information go to:

We will be at the IANDS International Conference Hilton Hotel in SLC September 1-4. Come and enjoy this amazing event! We have DVDs of Remembering Heaven now!!!


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DVDs for the theatrical version of “Remembering Heaven” will be available to order or pick up in Mesa, by Early September!!

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HARKINS opening a 2nd theater also at 7:10pm for the RED CARPET SHOWING

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Radio Show Interview - April 2022


Utah Red Carpet

Arizona Red Carpet

Just One Dream

A tribute to the “Founding Fathers”.  Dreams can change history in ways we don't entirely understand.  The Statue of Liberty came from a dream of the French people that made a tribute to the United States regarding the freedoms and liberties America represents.  The book that the statue holds is titled:  1776.

2021 Events

Top Documentary Award “Best of the State” - July 2021 - Utah

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"Remembering Heaven"

  • Documentary of the  Pre-Birth Experience.
  • Winning the Best Documentary and People’s Choice Award at the 2021 LDS Film Festival.
  • The film was awarded Best Documentary at the 2021 Utah Film Festival.
  • The film has been accepted and nominated at the 2021 International Christian Film Festival.
  • Winning the "Best of State" award: in April 2021 in Utah.


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Sarah Street Hinze recalls having an intense and early yearning to find God and understand her relationship to Him.

“From a very early age, I was especially eager to learn about God,” says Sarah. “My search to know Him continued throughout my young years and into college.” After being introduced by a friend to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and joining soon after, she attended college at UVU, where she met Brent Hinze, her future husband.

After marrying, Sarah had unusual experiences with some of her children before their births.

What began as curiosity became a quest after she received a profound impression that part of her life’s mission was to research, teach and write about this subject. Sarah learned that from Biblical times through today, parents have had these shared experiences in many cultures. The Bible records some of these experiences, with mothers and fathers such as Mary & Joseph, Hannah, and others.“Several of their births were preceded by dreams in which I saw or sensed the soul of the child to be born,” says Sarah. “In some cases, I was even told what the child’s chosen name was to be. I wondered if other parents had these experiences, and soon discovered that I was by no means the only one.”

As she began doing so, her husband joined her in her research. They conducted interviews, collected case studies, gave talks and began to write. With Brent’s help, Sarah has published several books concerning remembering heaven and those waiting to be born, including The Announcing DreamMemories of Heaven and The Castaways.

Sarah had felt for a long time that a film would aid in presenting her research. She remembers years earlier, when Elder Hartman Rector, Jr., stated that there would be a film after he’d read one of her books.

“There will be books, films, music, art, and various forms of media that will share this important information,” said Elder Rector as they visited together at a friend’s home.

“I was surprised,” says Sarah, “as I knew nothing of filmmaking. It seemed like an impossible dream, but I took his counsel to heart with faith that someday, with the Lord’s help, I would have a film.”

In 2018, while the Hinzes were serving a mission at the London England Temple, Sarah received an email announcing the Latter-day Saint Publishing & Media Association’s Annual Conference at BYU Provo, occurring soon after their return home. The prompting came over and over that she needed to attend, so when they returned in November, she followed her promptings, registered for the conference and flew to SLC.

At the conference, she networked until she was given the name of filmmaker Tom Laughlin, and her dream began to take shape.

The film shares personal stories of individuals who have accounts of seeing their unborn children in dreams or visions before their birth. Two top scholars, Dan Petersen and Terryl Givens, discuss pre-existence as described in the ancient texts.

You can learn more about Sarah’s documentary at Look for its release in early 2021.

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Sarah Hinze gave a special speech in 2019.

Link to the talk:


If you attend IANDS meetings, you know the soul lives on after “death” but how about before? Did we have a conscious existence in another realm before coming to earth?

Our new IANDS speaker for Friday the 26th will be Sarah Hinze. Sarah is one of the premiere authorities in the world on the topic of premortal experiences, visitations or announcements – i.e. children who visit or intervene in the lives of their parents prior to their mortal birth.  More specifically she will talk on the subjects of:

What the near death experience teaches us about the premortal world? And…
What the near death experience teaches us about souls waiting to be born?

Sarah notes, “Writing and collecting personal accounts of others has been a sort of mission for me for over twenty five years. My writing grew out of my own personal prebirth experiences. Most of my studies fall into three categories, all concerning the premortal world.”  Sarah, has written 3 books on these topics, which she will have available at the meeting at cost — $5 per book.. They are:

 Announcing dreams. Generally an announcing dream is a dream, vision, or spiritual experience with children preparing to come to a specific family. Friends and relatives can also have these experiences with souls preparing to come to the earth.

The Castaways. A castaway is someone who is denied entrance to a land of their choosing. I will share case studies of castaways, and explain various options that they may have after they are denied life on earth.

Memories of Heaven. In our day through the near death experience and other spiritually transforming experiences,there are a growing number of people who remember something of their life in heaven before they are born. Her book on this topic contains accounts of these memories, and some say this book may bring a remembrance to you.

While there has been much written about the afterlife, there is very little available on our premortal life. This should be a fascinating and memorable meeting! We hope you can attend!